Availability differs depending on the type of service booked. On any tour or activity page, upon clicking the “Book Now” link available dates and times will be shown. Please note, however, that some services sell very quickly. Availability is subject to change without notice.
We do not offer any discounts other than those stated on the tour or activity page. We use the services of over 1,100 travel providers worldwide, and each booking is made separately with each travel provider. Therefore, we cannot offer discounts for multiple bookings.
You cannot leave a reservation open-dated, but you may make a reservation for a future date, and then contact us well in advance if you need to change the date. Changing the date will incur a $20.00 change fee. You may request changes to your reservations on your account page.
You should find all the information you need about the desired tour or activity on the appropriate tour or activity page. If there are other details you would like to know that are not specified anywhere on these pages, please contact us.
If you have a group of 20 or more, please contact us, and provide the name of the tour, date, number of adults, number of children, and any additional information. The Group Tours Department will provide pricing and other information.
Hotel pick-up service is available on specified tours from specified hotels. If you are not staying in a hotel, or your hotel is not specified, we will send you exact instructions on where to meet the tour. Hotel pick-up is not required; you may always meet the tour at the designated departure point. Pickup service is not available from private residences.