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Delphi Sites 

The archaeological site of Delphi is one of the most important one in Greece, second only to the Acropolis of Athens. The magnitude of the Delphi contributions to the entire ancient civilization cannot be overstated.

Many political decisions were taken after consultation of the Oracle, and no colony was founded around the Mediterranean without the consent of the sanctuary at Delphi. In proportion with its immense influence, the settlement at delphi grew from a small village to a imposing depository of fine Architecture and Art

At the Delphi sanctuary excavations have unearthed settlements that date as far back as the Neolithic era. However evidence of the site's importance dates back to the Mycenaean period (1600-1100 B.C). Most of the ruins that survive today are witness to the site's pinnacle which was reached in the 6th c. B.C., and are testament to the diverse cultural influences that hovered over the sanctuary for a nearly a millennium.

The functions of the Oracle of Delphi grew over the centuries to include athletic games and cultural events and Delphic festivals, the most important of which was the Pythian Games which were held every four years in memory of Apollo's slaying of the Python Dragon. To accommodate the gratitude that each city/state was eager to express, and all the cultural affairs, the sanctuary evolved to include major temple complexes, a theater, a stadium, and a number of ornate treasuries.

Some of the most prominent edifices on the sacred slopes of Delphi are the temple of Apollo, the ancient theater, the stadium, the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia with the Tholos, the Kastalia spring, and the various treasuries that adorn the sacred way. The archaeological museum on the site contains many important ancient Greek artifacts from the excavations at Delphi.

Delphi Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi shelters the extensive artifacts unearthed during excavations at the Delphi oracle and its vicinity. It is located adjacent to the archaeological site, and it is one of the top must-see museums in Greece, mainly because of the breadth and quality of artifacts it includes. The permanent exhibition covers over a thousand years, from the Mycenaean era to the Greco-Roman times.

Tholos Temple

The sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, and the Tholos.

The tholos is a circular building which was created between 380 and 360 BC at the center of the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. It is constructed with 20 Doric columns on its exterior diameter which measures 14.76m.

The building stands 13.5 meters tall at the center of the Athena Pronaia sanctuary, and its interior columns were of the Corinthian order.

After meeting your tour driver, you will begin your journey to Delphi. Along the way, you will see the plain of Beotia, an agricultural center surrounded by cotton plantations and you will also pass through the city ofTheva, the birthplace of King Oedipus. You will continue towards Mt. Parnassos, making a brief rest stop outside the town of Levadia

You will then drive on to Delphi, which dates to the ninth century B.C. and whose allure includes an amazing hillside setting and ruins that will intrigue even the most skeptical among you. Delphi was the site of theDelphic oracle, the Greek world’s most important oracle. The area was also a major site for the worship of the god Apollo after he slew the Python, a deity who protected the navel of the Earth (center of the world) in this location. You will see the Roman Agora, walk along the Sacred Way, and view the monument of the Argive Kings. the treasury of the Athenians, the Athenian Stoa, the Polygonal Wall, the monument of Platea and theTemple of Apollo where the oracle resided. Above the Temple, you can visit the well preserved 3rd-century Theater. On the lower slope of the mountain is the Tholos, a building whose exact purpose is unknown but architecturally speaking is considered one of the masterpieces of the ancient world. You will also see thePalestra where the athletes trained in preparation for the Pythian Games

After your visit to the archeological site, you will visit the adjacent Delphi Archaeological museum which houses the ancient artifacts that were found at the site. As its centerpiece, are the antiquities found in the complex ofOracle which dates from the 18th century B.C. when the oracle was founded to its decline around 300 A.D. Exhibits include the frieze of the Treasury of the Sifnians, the Naxian Sphinx, the metopes of the Athenian treasury, the famous Charioteer, originally created to commemorate a victory during the 476 B.C. Pythian Games, and many other artifacts. 

After your visit to the museum, rejoin your transportation and begin the drive back to Athens. Along the way, a stop will be made for a traditional Greek lunch. After lunch, you will start your drive back to Athens. 


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a) Delphi and Surrounding villages (Thebes,Livadia and Arachova) Duration: 12hours

b) Delphi and Osios Loukas monastery. Duration: 11Hours

c) Delphi and Thermopylae Duration: 12hours

Restrictions :

Please note that on this tour, your driver is not licensed to accompany you inside the sites. If you want a licensed guide to tour the sites with you, you can hire one at extra cost. 

Special Instructions:

The hillside site of Delphi requires almost continuous uphill walking over dirt and some paved surfaces to visit. Guests must be in good health and sensible walking shoes are a must. At the museum, there are steps to enter the building.

Dress: Comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes are recommended. Sun glasses and sun screen are suggested.
Suggested starting time for this tour between 7:30am-8:30am.

Useful information

The archeological site of Delphi is open, In Winter: From Nov 1st to March31st : 08:30-15:00 In Summer : From April 1st to Oct 31st: 08:00-19:00

Admission Fees for Sites and Museums 
(Tickets available only at the ticket office)
Special ticket package: Full: €9, Reduced: €5
Valid for: Delphi,Tholos and  Delphi Archaeological Museum
Free admission days:
     *6 March (in memory of Melina Mercouri)
     *5 June (International Enviroment Day)
     *18 April (International Monuments Day)
     *18 May (International Museums Day)
     *The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)
     *Every first Sunday from November 1st to March 31st
     *27 September, International Tourism Day
     *28 October
Reduced admission for:
  *Greek citizens and citizens of other Member - States of the European Union aged over 65 years old by showing their ID card or passport.
  *Students of Higher Education Institutes and equivalent Schools from countries outside the EU by  showing their student ID
  *The accompanying parents on educational visits of elementary schools.
Free admission for:   
  *Cultural Card holders
  *Journalists with a journalist identity card  
  *Persons accompanying blind and disabled  
  *The escorting teachers of schools and institutions of elementary, middle school, high school, university and graduate level education during their visits 
  *University students and students at Technological Educational Institutes or equivalent schools of  Member - States of the European Union and students at Schools of Tourist Guides, by showing their student ID
  *Young people, under the age of 18, after demonstrating the Identity Card or passport to confirm the age (except Acropolis Museum)


  • 1 January: closed
  • 6 January: 08:30 - 15:00
  • Shrove Monday: 08:30 - 15:00
  • 25 March: closed
  • Good Friday: 12:00 - 15:00
  • Holy Saturday: 08:30 - 15:00
  • 1 May: closed
  • Easter Sunday: closed
  • Easter Monday: 08:30 - 15:00
  • Holy Spirit Day: 08:30 - 15:00
  • 15 August: 08:30 - 15:00
  • 28 October: 08:30 - 15:00
  • 25 December: closed
  • 26 December: closed


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